Monday, 31 January 2011

Album Design Ideas

1. The first sketch of my four ideas is of the intwined legs image i did on the previous post. The simple imagery of two legs together is not like anything i've seen before and can be a metaphor for many things - engaging the viewer to think about the visual image. This idea/concept is versatile and can easily be improved on.
2. I drew out the existing "Gossip - Music for men" album cover and then over the eye hair and mouth had the idea to superimpose either physically or virtually the features of a "scientifically attractive female (blonde hair, red lips, blue eyes)". This idea relates to the album name as like the saying "music to my eyes" - the perfect female features is like 'music for men'.
3. My third idea is to take pictures of 3 look-a-likes to the band members and overlay them on-top of each other, like the way 3D images are. Using inspiration from 3D would be socially relevant as 3D movies made a come back in 2010. Each individual face would be in a different colour, and the layering of the three faces would reinforce how the band members see themselves as a single unit; a family. This could be done by stobe flash lighting in the studio, or constructed in photoshop and even achieved on film with double/triple exposures.
4. Similar to number 3, this idea has 3 faces but facing in different directions, i think professionally this would look a lot cleaner and less complicated; again continuing the theme of the family and being united as one.

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