Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Stick Insects.

Today was just bizzare, from a major kerfuffle this morning where i didn't have a reading ticket - throwing clothes around my room - needed a mother sit down to chill me out, proper toddler tantrum styleyyy. Then went to a local art gallery for art class, they had a box of stick insects - one escaped and was on the table on the other side of the room, so i picked him up and saved the little jammy dodger and said to the woman - "i found your bug".

I also found myself drifting off into my own world again today, just watching and observing people, really getting my mind thinking, i think an epiphenany (can't spell that) is on the way, or i've got a brain hemerage.

I am oddly looking forward to having a quiet half term doing revision, i feel like i need some me time now, i think everyone gets to that point every now and again.

All my love, forever & always,
Tommy Chatt

Monday, 29 March 2010

Reading 2010!

Today i went through so many diffrent emotions i think my bodys going to shutdown, from anticipation of buying a ticket, to excitment of getting one, then panicing about the charge of calling an 08207 number over 150 times - when the charge could of been £1.50 per call, i really did need a new pair of nickers! Luckily its free by my tarriff, then made toasties for my best friend Ryan when he dropped me home in his mini cooper - amazing.

Who is going to reading this year?
Any more rumours on bands playing?
What do you think about the lineup so far?

All my love, forever & always,
Tommy Chatt

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Breaking My Blogging Virginity.

Wow, first blog, it's kinda intimidating, i have no followers or no idea where to start so i guess i'll just introduce myself.

My names Tommy, I'm 16, born in oxford -then moved to Peckham for 6 years, now spending 9 years living in Essex, feels like my family have just got an addiction to "bad area's" but i like Essex, it's full of reality and honest people.

My passion is photography, i also love art but i don't have much skill when it comes to painting or drawing, thats why i like to apply my surreal ideas to the technique of taking a photo, thats my thanggg.

All my work is 100% film, taken - processed - developed by myself, unless ive stated its digital for whatever reason (probley money, films damn expensive).

I am inspired by the people around me, friends, famly and enemies. As Sam Sparro's Song "pocket" quotes : 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies in your pocket'.

I prefer to do fashion/editorial photography where i can apply my vision and also get other people involved, i have built up an amazing team behind me and i hope my team will grow and grow. That's another reason why i love photography - it brings people together, whether its giving people confidence in their own bodies or getting a makeup artist some portfolio work done so they can get a job, this is why i do it.

Ok i'll draw this to a close now as the kettles jus finished brewing and the combination of nicotine and caffine is really appealing, I have my latest work on a jeans campaign being published in an online magazine on April the 11th, so i'll post a link soon, keep your eyes peeled.

All My Love, Forever & Always.
Tommy Chatt.